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Contour Baseboards

The Contour Baseboard starts out looking like this. There's a 75mm deep monocoque ply structure that makes it very stable and strong and each endboard has extra thickness ready for location dowels and bolts etc.

Here you can see the same baseboard but with the cross-ribs sculpted to make the landform and also to support the trackbed. Also added is the front board.  Because the track bed level is above the main structure it fits together with the neighbouring board easily and forming embankments, cuttings, rivers etc is very easy.

Here you can see the track bed has been added and the whole lot primered.  In this instance I needed mainly cuttings but because the trackbed is set well above the baseboard structure it's equally easy to form embankments and bridges.

Finally you can see the contours have been formed using plaster bandage and the whole lot has received a coat of paint and its first pass of static grass.

We can supply Contour Baseboards made to your requirements to any of the stages shown above.  Call Chris on  01337 830007 01337 830007 or email for details

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