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Model Railway Baseboards

We can build bespoke model railway baseboards based on our Contour Basboard system.  These lightweight boards are made from 3mm ply with a 75mm deep monocoque structure that makes them very strong and stable.


The biggest advantage our baseboards have is that the cross-ribs can be shaped to a standard 200mm height so it is easy to create embankments, cuttings, hills and valleys.  The track bed can be set at any height and instantly your layout gets away from the billiard-table look of a flat top baseboard.  We don't observe many truly flat landscapes and so we've developed our Contour Baseboard to make modelling this really easy.


Take a look at the Contour Baseboard page to see how easy this is.


Since they are generally made to order we can supply the basic Contour Baseboard in most sizes, ready assembled for you to shape the cross-ribs, add the track base and landform.


Don't want to make the landform yourself?  We can also supply model layout baseboards with:

  • contours formed
  • landform added
  • track bed fitted
  • Landscape painted and grassed
  • Track laid (with track feed dropper wires)

Any combination of the above to your requirements, call us for a chat or send us an email.

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