Model Layout Services
Model Layout Services

Model Railway Layout Building

We can build a model railway layout to your requirements and if required commission it at the location where it is to live.  We start with a chat about your requirements and if you decide that you want to proceed then the process is as follows:

Consultation and Design

Based on the initial chat we will fill out a Design Brief to include items such as:

  • Scope of work - what we will do (and what we won't!)
  • Size, scale and shape of layout, where it will live and how to access/remove it
  • Aspirational track layout description
  • Geographic location, gauge, setting, era and any other pertinant layout features


The Design Brief will then form the basis of our Design Proposal.  Putting the Design Proposal together requires a small non-refundable deposit which is offset against the overall layout building cost if you decide to go ahead but covers a small amount of our time if you don't.  The Design Proposal will document what we will do, when it will be done and how much it will cost.  The Design Proposal will form the basis of our Layout Building Commision Contract if you decide to go ahead.

Build Process

If you like the Design Proposal and want to go forward with commissioning us to make your model railway layout then we will confirm a programme of work and ask for a non-returnable deposit of 20% before we commence layout building.  Whilst the completion timing is not contractually binding, we try our best to be realistic in our programme and to stick to what we have promised whenever possible.

We will keep you in touch with progress at an agreed timescale and will certainly advise you if any delays are encountered.  If you wish to make changes during the layout building process then we will consider the effects and advise you accordingly.

Depending upon the complexity of the project, we may require additional staged payments on completion of specific parts of the work.  If applicable, this will be detailled in the Design Proposal, and once you have paid for a stage you retain title over that stage of the work.

Completion, Delivery and Commissioning

Once the work is complete, delivery and (where applicable) Commissioning will be arranged at a convenient time for you.  For projects where Commissioning is not required, payment for the outstanding balance due must be received before delivery.  Where Commissioning is included in the project, payment of all but 15% of the outstanding project balance must be received before we Deliver and Commission your layout.  Once Commissioning is complete we will require payment of the remaining balance except for a 5% retention which you hold on to for 3 months to ensure you're happy.  Three months from handover of the layout payment of the remaining 5% will be due.

Model Layout Services

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